Simpleton/Warn The Nation - Olive Blossom


We Can Make It/We Can Make It Uptight - High School
Easy Snappin/The Vow - Studio One
You Can't Fool Me Again/Do It Madly - Randys



The Return Of Al Capone/Q Club - Unity
Ambitious Beggar/Pepper Seed - Niney
Pepper Seed/Ambitious Beggar - Unity
Sun Valley/Drums of Fu Manchu - Unity
Cat Women/Selassie Serenade - Bullet
Don't Let Me Down/Romper Room - Escort
Crimson Pirate/Mook Duck - Jackpot
It May Sound Silly/Wellbread - Moodisc
Little Green Apples/Stick Up - Randy's


Righteous Ruler/Instrumental - Upset
If You Don't Mind/Righteous Ruler - Keiths
Black Dignity - Joe Gibbs
Them A Wicked/Wicked Version - Impact
A Little Version 3/A Little Version 4 - Impact

Rightful ruler


Here Comes The Judge/Rebolution - Shock
Weed Weed Dat - Joe Gibbs
Arise Blackman/Version - Joe Gibbs
Maga Dog/Bull Dog - Pressure Beat
Maga Dog/Bull Dog - Bullet
Rudie's Medley/Rude Boy Version - Joe Gibbs
Rudie's Medley/Rude Boy Version - Punch
Maingy Dog/Hot Dog - Joe Gibbs


Skanky Dog/Boney Dog - Pressure Beat
Them Ha Fi Get A Beaten/Get A Beaten - Pressure Beat
Them Ha Fi Get A Beaten/You Can't Get Away - Pressure Beat
Here Comes The Sun/Version - Joe Gibbs
Leave My Business/Business Man Version - Joe Gibbs
Oppressor Man/Version - Trans-Am

Them a fi get a beatin


No Mercy/Version - Intel Diplo
Dog Teeth/Version - Intel Diplo


Can't Blame The Youth/Version - Intel Diplo
Can't Blame The Youth/Version - Intel Diplo
Mark Of The Beast/Version - Intel Diplo
Brand New Second Hand/Version - Intel Diplo
Burial/Version - Intel Diplo

Mark of the beast


Whatcha Gonna Do/Version - Intel Diplo
Legalize It/Version - Intel Diplo
Field Marshall/No Partial


Babylon Queendom/Iration - Intel Diplo
Babylon Queendom/Iration - Intel Diplo
Legalize It/Brand New Second Hand - Virgin
Legalize It/Till Your Well Runs Dry/Why Must I Cry - Columbia

Watcha gonna do


African/African Version - Intel Diplo
African/Version - Intel Diplo
African/Stepping Razor - Virgin
Ketchy Shuby/Iration - Intel Diplo
Vampire/Dracula - Intel Diplo


Don't Look Back/Soon Come - Intel Diplo
Don't Look Back/Soon Come - Rolling Stones
Don't Look Back/Don't Look Back - Rolling Stones
Don't Look Back/A Little More Love - Rolling Stones
I'm The Toughest/Toughest Version - Rolling Stones
Get Up Stand Up/Legalize It - CBS
Pick Myself Up/I'm The Toughest - Rolling Stones



Buk-In-Hamm Palace/Buk-In-Hamm Palace - Intel Diplo
Buk-In-Hamm Palace/The Day The Dollar Die - Rolling Stones
Buk-In-Hamm Palace/Recruiting Soldiers - Rolling Stones
Stepping Razor/Legalize It - Virgin
Buk-In-Hamm Palace/Mystic Man/Pick Myself Up - Rolling Stones
Buk-In-Hamm Palace (Long)/Buk-In-Hamm Palace (Short) - Rolling Stones
Jah Seh No/Can't You See - Rolling Stones
Can't You See/Jah Seh No - Rolling Stones


Can't Blame The Youth/Hammer - Intel Diplo
Bombo Klaat/Version - Intel Diplo



Nothing But Love/Cold Blood - Rolling Stones
Nothing But Love/Bumbo Klaat - EMI
Reggaemylitis/Coming In Hot - EMI


Rock With Me/Version - Intel Diplo

Nothing but love


Peace Treaty/Glasshouse - Intel Diplo
Johnny B. Goode/Peace Treaty - EMI
Johnny B. Goode/Peace Treaty - CCP Records
Johnny B. Goode/Dance All Nite - EMI
Johnny B. Goode/Glasshouse - EMI
Where You Gonna Run?/Stop That Train - EMI
Mama Africa/Not Gonna Give It Up - EMI


Johnny B. Goode/Peace Treaty - Jewel Music


In My Song/Come Together - Parlophone

Peace treaty

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